Falcons are trained daily for a year prior to harvest with the objective of teaching the falcons to fly high above crops to scatter nuisance birds. While in the vineyards and farms, just prior to harvest, falcons are released, one at a time, to patrol the skies over the crops. The nuisance birds are dispersed when they see their natural predators, the falcons, in the area.

Tom has been a licensed falconer for over 40 years. Besides flying and training falcons and hawks, he has been involved in breeding projects for peregrine falcons, helping to restore dwindling populations to the wild. He has also spent many seasons in public schools teaching children about birds of prey.

Tom gave up his career as a building contractor in 1996 to pursue a bird abatement career. With his background of Special Forces training in the military and his acquisition of a pilot's license, Tom found his niche flying his birds at March Air Force Base in Riverside, CA. He was successful at clearing the airspace of nuisance birds to prevent damage to airplane engines.

He expanded his services to vineyards in San Luis Obispo and Orland, California. He then went on and expanded his services to blueberry farms in Oregon.

With his team of 5 additional specialists, he is continuing to expand his services for the protection of vineyards, farms, and runways.

Birds of Prey from bill ehman on Vimeo.

Suffer monetary losses as a result of nuisance bird damage

Spend more than $30,000 per year on netting and cannons

Presently have no method of bird control and want to increase harvests

Desire an organic and natural way to decrease bird damage

Find their present form of bird control unsatisfactory

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